Sunday, September 6

We don't like surprises anymore... apparently

I absolutely love a good trailer, especially the ones that don't show the monster or give away any vital bits of info but still manage to make the wait for the film almost unbearable. But for some reason we are being presented with more and more of the film. This isn't really a new event in marketing, but it is a trend that has been slowly ruining movies for me over the years. I don't want to pick on specific trailers because there are simply too many offenders. I did recently see District 9 and maybe it's just me but when I see a money shot in a trailer I'm usually anticipating it when the film starts. The problem with this is you can easily paste together the story line from the shots you know have yet to be shown. i.e. in District 9 you know that by a certain point some one is in the mech stopping a missile. And at that point you can figure out who and why and sadly it's usually long before the scene takes place. Granted if the film manages to completely occupy my mind into not working the way it should, then I'm not thinking of anything other than "holy shit this is so fun". Unfortunately most films aren't this engaging and the scenes from a trailer manage to fill in the puzzle for me long before I have a chance to lose myself.
This was a fun little photoshop for me and sadly the only clip option that I made up is the top one, the rest I got from existing films... even trailer 4.